Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Magic Of Persian Rugs

An interesting area in which to look at is that of the magic carpet it's origin. The ideology behind it is that it came from Tangu in Persia. The representation for this reason suggests at a persian rug. This can be seen in 'One Thousand and One Nights'. Other literature such as Solomon's Carpet talks of a Magic rug again visualised as a persian rug. Even in the recent J. K. Rowling's book, Quidditch Through the Ages which  states that carpets where favoured over broomsticks in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Mongolia.
Fig 1 | Magic Carpet - One Thousand And One Nights
Fig 2 | Advert - J Lo on Magic Carpets
Fig 3 | Magic Carpet - Aladdin Movie


  1. great to see so much activity on here! Brilliant! :D

  2. I like the diversion away from the purely historical here - to look at the rug in myth, story, film and legend sounds exciting (history is also exciting, though, of course!)

    Other possible avenues for research:

    representation, abstraction and iconoclasm (i.e. exploring the Islamic ban on image-making)
    the use of decoration in domestic space
    the silk road