Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Persian Agenda - Minutes Of Meetings

After Collaborating in a meeting we have gathered hour generic knowledge and are bing to focus on key subject areas for a 10 minute presentation. The theory will be a timeline based project, which follows the transaction of such a historic icon has travelled from the far east and to the western world. Nevertheless starting with the silk road. The Structure is to follow:

  1. Introduction - Silk trading, motifs, individuality & entrance in to persian society
  2. The Persian Culture - The importance to it's community, it's symbolism cultrally and it usages 
  3. The European culture - it's introduction into the western world. It's usages and ideologies to these communities
  4. The Present - The usage in media, and it's iconaism to the asian world. It's stereotype and gesture.
Below will be the leads on each taking the topic as their own to develop into 2:30 slots for which all can collaborate in final presentation.

  1. Jonny 
  2. Ben 
  3. Heather
  4. Sean 
The group will finalise and produce their end presentation by Monday 28th Feb. Meeting to take place at 1:30pm in libary.


  1. This looks like a good, succinct plan for the presentation. By inconaism do you mean iconoclasm?

  2. Yes I wanted to interrogate the iconoclasm of the motif evidently the significance is hard to find but most lead to the importance of the person in society and or religon.