Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Research into Modern Day Persian Rugs

Persian Rug Research

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  1. Feedback on presentation 3.3.11:

    The style of delivery in this presentation was very effective - the chatty, colloquial style worked well because of the significance and interest of the facts, ideas and links that were made throughout.
    There was a great use of the past and the present - the linking of the use of a Persian carpet in funerary practices to the way in which a Union Jack is often to be seen draped over the coffin in a military funeral linked us to the subject, brought it vividly to life, and created a sense of immediacy to the subject.
    Also noteworthy is the lateral research into the Perspeolis Relief- a representation of textiles.rugs gave a real sense of continuity to the ancient world, and was intriguing as a historical document as well as a work of art.
    However, you did run out of time and had to be 'gonged off' - unfortunately, given the success of the presentation. Keep in time next time - and well done.